The Principia

The Principia is an educational institution for Christian Scientists located on two campuses in the St. Louis, Missouri metropolitan area of the United States.Principia School, located in West St. Louis County, serves students from early childhood through high school and Principia College, located about thirty miles away, is on the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River in Elsah, Illinois.


    Founded by Mary Kimball Morgan, Principia School was officially opened in 1898 in St. Louis. By 1906, Principia had graduated its first high school class and in 1912, the Junior College was added, becoming one of the first such colleges in America. The year 1917 marked the first graduation ceremony of alumni from the Junior College and in 1934 Principia College awarded its first bachelor's degrees.Principia College moved to Elsah, Illinois in 1935 after distinguished architect Bernard Maybeck had been commissioned to design a new campus for Principians there. Prinicpia School later moved to its current location in the St. Louis suburb of Town and Country, Missouri in 1955.


    Principia School

    All three schools of Principia School are located on a 360 acre campus in the St. Louis suburb of Town and Country. Principia School follows a British-style organization and as such its schools are as follows:

    • Lower School
    • Middle School
    • Upper School

    Principia College

    Principia College is a private liberal-arts college located on the bluffs of the Mississippi River in Elsah, Illinois. The school offers various comprehensive programs, remarkable for its small size. The college is an undergraduate institution and does not offer any graduate programs.


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