The British Machine Vision Association and Society for Pattern Recognition (BMVA) is a not-for-profit association in the United Kingdom in the area of computer/machine vision, image/video processing, medical image analysis and pattern recognition. The BMVA organizes two conferences every year, the British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC) and the Medical Image Understanding and Analysis (MIUA), the annual BMVA Summer School and a number of one-day meetings.

    Aims and objectives

    The BMVA provides a national forum for individuals and organisations involved in machine vision, image processing, and pattern recognition in the United Kingdom. Its principal aims are to:

    • promote knowledge of machine vision and pattern recognition;
    • encourage practical applications of the technology;
    • facilitate the rapid transfer of research results to industry;
    • represent the UK machine vision community, both nationally and internationally.

    In pursuit of the above goals, the association organises two annual scientific conferences, a series of one-day Technical Meetings and the annual Summer School, it publishes the BMVA News and Annals of the BMVA and awards several bursaries and prizes.


    British Machine Vision Conference

    The British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC) is the BMVA annual conference on machine vision, image processing, and pattern recognition. It is one of the major international conferences on computer vision and related areas, held in UK. Particularly, BMVC is ranked as A2 by Qualis, and B by ERA. Acceptance rates of the BMVC are usually between 30 and 50% with the trend showing a decrease over recent years.

    Organising institutions:

    • Sussex (1985, AVC)
    • Cambridge (1987, AVC)
    • Manchester (1988, AVC)
    • Reading (1989, AVC)
    • Oxford (1990)
    • Glasgow (1991)
    • Leeds (1992)
    • Surrey (1993)
    • York (1994)
    • Birmingham (1995)
    • Edinburgh (1996)
    • Essex (1997)
    • Southampton (1998)
    • Nottingham (1999)
    • Bristol (2000)
    • Manchester (2001)
    • Cardiff (2002)
    • UEA (2003)
    • Kingston (2004)
    • Oxford Brookes (2005)
    • Edinburgh (2006)
    • Warwick (2007)
    • Leeds (2008)
    • UCL/QMUL (2009)
    • Aberystwyth (2010)
    • Dundee (2011)
    • Surrey (2012)
    • Bristol (2013)
    • Nottingham (2014)
    • Swansea (2015)

    Medical image understanding and analysis

    Medical Image Understanding and Analysis (MIUA) is the BMVA annual conference on research related to image analysis and its application to medical imaging and biomedicine. The meetings provide an opportunity to present and discuss research in medical image understanding and analysis; a rapidly growing subject with ever increasing real-world applicability. The conference encourages the submission of high quality work which has previously only been presented at international conferences (but has had no national exposure).

    Organising institutions:

    • Oxford (1997)
    • Leeds (1998)
    • Oxford (1999)
    • London (UCL, 2000)
    • Birmingham (2001)
    • Portsmouth (2002)
    • Sheffield (2003)
    • London (IC, 2004)
    • Bristol (2005)
    • Manchester (2006)
    • Aberystwyth (2007)
    • Dundee (2008)
    • Kingston (2009)
    • Warwick (2010)
    • London (KCL, 2011)
    • Swansea (2012)
    • Birmingham (2013)
    • City University London (2014)
    • Lincoln (2015)

    Technical meetings

    BMVA Technical Meetings are series of events intended as a meeting platform for people interested in more niche subareas of machine vision from both academia and industry. As opposed to conferences such as BMVC, the meetings aim to share and learn about research "in progress", i.e. initial unpublished work, work already published in top international conferences and industry progress (therefore most of the presented works are published elsewhere). BMVA Technical Meetings focus on various topics, including such diverse subareas as vision for surgery, robotics or human-computer interaction. BMVA Student Symposium is a special kind of meeting, providing an opportunity mostly for graduate students to share their research (so far one has happened in 2014 and one is planned for early 2015).

    Technical meetings are organised by guest chairs several times a year. They are usually held at the British Computer Society in London.

    Summer school

    BMVA Summer School is an annual summer school on computer vision, organised by the BMVA. The course is residential, usually held over five days, and consists of lectures and practicals in topics such as image processing, computer vision or pattern recognition. It aims for students to broaden knowledge in these areas, to develop appropriate research skills and to interact with their peers and make contacts among those who will be the active researchers of their own generation. It is open to both UK and non-UK students.

    Bursaries and prizes

    Distinguished Fellowship

    The BMVA Distinguished Fellowship is awarded to one person each year in recognition of his or her services to the British machine vision community. The awardees are distinguished researchers, based in the UK, who have contributed significantly to the field of research and the reputation of the British machine vision community, both nationally and internationally.

    Distinguished Fellows:

    • Michael Duff (2000)
    • Michael Brady (2001)
    • Josef Kittler (2002)
    • Chris Taylor (2003)
    • Andrew Blake (2004)
    • Roy Davies (2005)
    • Maria Petrou (2006)
    • Bill Adaway (2007)
    • Andrew Zisserman (2008)
    • Bernard Buxton (2009)
    • Bob Fisher (2010)
    • David Hogg (2011)
    • John Illingworth (2012)
    • Roberto Cipolla (2013)

    Sullivan Thesis Prize

    The Sullivan Doctoral Thesis Prize is awarded on an annual basis to the best doctoral thesis submitted to a UK university, in the field of computer or natural vision. A thesis can be nominated by either supervisor or examiner, although it must be endorsed by the external examiner. The decision is made by a Selection Panel (appointed annually by the BMVA Executive Committee) and announced at BMVC.

    Prize winners:

    Student travel bursaries

    Every year, BMVA awards several bursaries to encourage UK students to present their work at international conferences. As of 2014, the bursaries are up to £750. The awardees are expected perform a task for BMVA in return, such as writing report on the conference attended for the BMVA newsletter.

    BMVA publications

    BMVA News

    The BMVA newsletter is one of the main means for distribution of BMVA news to its members. There are four regular mailshots each year, typically in early January, April, July and October. BMVA News contain various topics, ranging from BMVA internal matters, through conference reports and CFPs to information about upcoming events in computer vision both in the UK and around the world.

    Annals of the BMVA

    The Annals of the BMVA is an online journal for disseminating research in computer vision and related disciplines. It aims to provide rapid publication of new techniques and developments in the field. Papers on any topic within the remit of the BMVA, BMVC or any of the Technical Meetings are considered. Submitted papers undergo a peer-review process, reviewed by at least two experts.


    The BMVA is a member of Campaign for Science and Engineering. The BMVA works with several organizations including British Computer Society (BCS), The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and (UKIVA).